Making It Your Own

Making it your own. That’s what every bride wants for their wedding day. It can sometimes seem like an impossible feat to accomplish.

You get engaged, you start announcing the news and suddenly everyone has an opinion for you on when you should get married, where you should marry at, what kind of dress you should wear, the type of food you should serve at your reception and all those things to avoid. Don’t forget you’ll get all those opinions on how well these things worked at their wedding as well. Obviously, everyone who has ever married, is suddenly the best wedding planner in the world, whether it is at saving money, doing it with bling, or making it the fanciest.

It can sometimes get very hard to take in every piece of advice that everyone has to offer. A great way to handle some of these is to let them know that you and your fiance will take it under consideration or to even ask them to jot down or email some of their ideas to you. These ideas seem great as they are spewing them off at you, but most people don’t want to take the time to write them down or even email.

It’s very important to work with your fiance and find your budget, and then begin finding those aspects that are the most important and where you want to allocate the majority of your funds. During this process it is important to have a very clear idea on how many guests you will have at the event, as without having a good idea on this number, it can really throw your budget completely out of whack.


Additionally, begin planning on those important aspects as far as timing to secure the vendors that will be needed so that you can allocate your budget appropriately. For those items that won’t require a vendor, begin looking and planning on where you will need to get those items from and how you soon you will need them.

This really comes into play for the DIY bride who wants to make some of the items for the big day like centerpieces, signs, and photobooth items. There are so many items today that a bride can DIY not only to help save funds, but also for creating a unique feel for the event. Pinterest can be your friend in getting some ideas for these items. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go with what feels right to you. Hopefully there are a few people that you can really count on to bounce your ideas off of and share with them your prototypes as you begin putting them together.

In the end, use your ideas and creativity to make the pieces for your event uniquely you and your fiances. Keep everything cohesive to flow together for a very put together feel for the event.