Your Wedding Dress Style

Have you thought about what your wedding dress style is? There are as many different styles and designers as there are stars in the sky. As you begin planning your big day, I’m sure the one thing you have definitely thought about is your wedding dress style. Almost every little girl has seen the images in magazines, online and on television and dream about what they will wear on their wedding day. Obviously, this can definitely change throughout the years as your grow and your personal style changes.

As with everything about your wedding, everyone and their mother will have an opinion of what you should choose for your style, color, accessories and even undergarments. Please, please, remember, this is your day, about you and your soon-to-be husband, make it what you want and most importantly make sure you feel absolutely beautiful and amazing in the dress.

There are many different styles to choose from and there may be more than one style that will look amazing on you. Below are some of the different styles available:

  • A-Line/Princess – fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground – this will flow from the bust to the ground without a broken line. The Princess, a variation of the A-Line, has vertical seams that will flow from the bust line down to the hem and can provide an elongating effect. This style will be flattering on most body types
  • Empire – this dress will have a raised waistline that will sit just below the bust and allows the rest of the dress to flow down to the hemline. This dress will typically work best with lighter fabrics and works great with a chiffon that is over a base fabric.
  • Column – (sheath) will be a tighter, form fitting dress and is designed to show off your curves. Works great for any type of wedding, based on fabric selection and can go easily from a casual affair, beach wedding, to an elegant formal event as well.
  • Ball Gown – most associated with the fairy tale wedding, this dress will have a fitted bodice with a very full skirt and this type of dress will typically carry a more formal train. This dress can work with a variety of fabrics to provide just the right feel for your event. This gown is great for very slender or those that are pear shaped as it can help to camouflage those areas.
  • Mermaid – this dress will shape the bride and be very fitted from the top of the dress to the knee area and will typically flare out at that point to the hemline. The flaring can start at just above the knee, at the knee or below to provide different silhouettes and shapes. You can also choose differences in how the gown’s shape at the bottom will be defined, including a full round skirt, or a skirt that flares more at the back, behind the bride, often associated as a trumpet. This dress is typically worn best by a slimmer figure and is often associated as one of the sexiest styles for brides.


You should also be aware of your body type, which can help guide you in selecting the perfect style for you, these are listed below:

  • Hour glass – typically hips and shoulders are approximatly the same measurement with a very defined waist. Fitted gowns show off this shape quite well – best shapes include Mermaid, Sheath, A-Line and Ballgowns with very fitted bodices – great with a corseted back.
  • Pear – hips and thighs typically have more presence that the bust line and shoulder areas – great shapes include the Ballgown, A-Line or Empire.
  • Inverted Triangle – typically broad shoulders, a larger bust line and small throughout the hip area – great dress types include A-Line and Ballgown – having a dramatic bust line shape like a sweetheart can help.
  • Apple – typically full figured from the shoulders through hips – a fitted or corset gown can look amazing on this body type and can help to define the waistline and bring attention up to the bust line – flattering gowns include the Ballgown and Empire.
  • Rectangle – athletic or boyish shaped – bust, waist and hips are relatively the same size. Flattering shapes include A-Line, Sheath, and Empire.

Find some dresses on-line or in magazines that you feel will suit your shape, style and personality and be prepared when you go shopping to try on gowns. Be prepared and open to trying on styles that may be a bit outside of your comfort level as well. A bridal gown professional can help to guide you in some great dresses that you may otherwise not give a second look, but can look amazing once off the hanger.

When going shopping, have your budget set and stay within the budget when trying on dresses. Although you may see your perfect match on the mannequin, it may be far outside your budget and trying this on, could just cause severe issues when going back to trying on dresses within the budget. You may never find something that measures up to the dress that you could not afford.

Most importantly, have a lot of fun in this stage of the planning. This should be a magical experience that you remember fondly as you look back at your wedding in years to come. Know your dress style, know your budget and know who the best parties are to tag along with you as you begin the process.