You’re Engaged

Congratulations you got engaged over the holidays!

Everyone is ready to help you do everything from setting a date, finding a venue and picking out all the dresses and every little detail. It can be a bit frustrating and overwhelming in the beginning and if you let it control you, it can be overwhelming throughout the entire process.

You’re Engaged – Consider It Done Events can help.

love, romance, holiday, celebration concept - engaged couple with wine glasses in restaurant

love, romance, holiday, celebration concept – engaged couple with wine glasses in restaurant


First things first – begin thinking about a budget and your guest list. You will need to have a good idea of the number of people you will be inviting in order to know how to budget your funds, which will lead you into planning on how close or how far out you will need to set your wedding date.If you determine that you are only having a small, intimate wedding, you may be able to plan a closer date, where if you have a few hundred attendees and know that it will be more formal, you may push the wedding out anywhere from 12 – 24 months.

Once you have determined, how many people you will be roughly inviting, you can start talking with you immediate family to see how and if they will be able to help with any of the event. Parents of the bride will often pay for items like the dress, the reception,   flowers (excluding the brides bouquet), invitations, and possibly vendors including the dj/band, transportation, photographer, and videographer or photobooth. Grooms parents will often pay for the rehearsal and liquor for the wedding, along with the brides bouquet (or could be paid for by groom). There are however, no rules set in stone here, so parents contributions could be very close to above or very different depending on their own personal budget allowances.

Once you have those items in place and have a good idea of your budget that you will have available. It is good to begin thinking about what aspects of the day are most important to you, this will be the most important factors of where you will spend a chunk of your funds. If pictures and food are the most important items that those areas will be where you will allocate the majority of your budget.

An important item to think about is if  a wedding planner/coordinator will be something that you want to add. The benefits of a planner can be numerous. A wedding planner plans weddings and events all the time. They work with a variety of vendors and can help find the best suited vendors for your event based on your budget, style of the wedding and your personality. Additionally, wedding planners also can negotiate additional discounts for you which can often help to  for their services.

The second and even bigger benefit for you to have a planner is that the planner is establishing a relationship and working for you on your behalf. They don’t have an agenda other than what is in your best interest based on the type of event you want. So a planner is there to talk things through regarding items for the wedding like invitations, centerpieces or timeline and will help you to find what will work best for you.

Planners will offer a variety of services from full planning to just day of coordination – find what will work best for you and proceed from there.

After you have established if you will use a planner and how, you can then begin working on your next items like ceremony site, officiant, and reception venue. You will need to book these as far in advance as possible to assure that you are able to secure your perfect date. After you have those items secured you can begin moving to other items like your photographer, dj/band, transportation and videographer.

Make sure you ask good questions, get references and review popular sites to check out all the reviews, both good and bad. Don’t let a bad review necessarily deter you, there may be reasons that a vendor did not receive a good review. If you find something in question, ask the vendor for more details about the incident.

In the end, make sure that you enjoy the process of the engagement, planning and of course the wedding itself.

Again, congratulations on your engagement and have fun!