Hiring the Right Person

As a bride, it is important to make sure that you are hiring the right person for the jobs that you have for your big day. There are so many aspects when you are planning your event, you need to think of everything, from planning and venue to photography and your DJ. How do you know who to count on, who to put in charge and who will be there for you to help with all the small details, planning and execution.

You should begin by deciding what vendors you need and deciding on the budget that you will need to hire those vendors. You should also decide on what services you will need for those vendors to complete for you for your event. This can help to determine the package that you will end up selecting from each of these vendors.

Still you may ask, how do you know who is the right person for the job that you have? You need to draft questions for each of these roles, o when you find vendors that are of interest in hiring, you ask all the right questions based on your needs for the event. Additionally, you should make sure that you ask all the vendors that you interview the same set of questions, so you are comparing equally. You may find in the interview process, that you really click with a vendor. This is a very important aspect, as you should feel quite comfortable with all your vendors, but you should also be secure in knowing that the vendors have conducted these duties for others before and can successfully carry these out for you as well.

Check references, check their reviews on websites that are not their own, do Google searches on the vendors as well to search for anything that may not be the perfect referral. Keep in mind that every vendor will most likely have a not perfect referral, but you should filter through to make sure you are comfortable with your selection.

Finally, ensure that the vendor(s) you work with meet with you to review every detail of the wedding that they will need to be involved in and have everything they need to complete the event to your specifications. You should be in contact with the vendor at least one week in advance, if you have not already been in contact with them to review any last minute changes in the details to the day. Also provide a contact for them for the day of the event that is not the bride or groom that they can reach out to in an emergency. Keep in mind if you are the bride or groom, that you will most likely not have your phone with you to check throughout the day.

So hiring the right person for the job is so important to ensure that your day moves both smoothly and efficiently. If you for some reason feel you need assistance in planning or selecting vendors, a certified wedding planner/coordinator would be able to assist with finding those qualified vendors for you.