Manic Monday’s

Manic Monday’s

I would like to invite our friends, family and followers to our new Manic Monday’s that will be hosted through our Facebook page every Monday evening from 8 – 9 pm. During these sessions you will be able to get your wedding and/or event planning questions answered.

Like your teacher always said, if you have a question, there are probably five other people with that same question, so post your question up on our Manic Monday’s sessions and get it answered for you and those other five people. The Manic Monday’s events are not only designed to get your questions answered, but to also elaborate and build discussions around your questions.

We started the event last night and had a few great questions including what are some of the most overlooked items for a wedding and what are gift ideas for Ring Bearers. Dig in, follow the event every Monday and even post your question. You may need just an opinion on an idea you have or may need an answer to something that you just have no idea about.

That’s why Manic Monday’s have been created to help you take your wedding or event to the next level, get those details in order and provide you peace of mind while you are in the midst of planning.

Here is the link to next week’s online chat — make sure to join us, invite your friends, share it on your page!