Why do I need a Timeline?

So many brides ask, why do I need a timeline? You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your wedding. It’s important to have a timeline for many reasons, if nothing else as a sense of communication for all parties involved in your day.

What needs to be incorporated in a timeline? A lot of your hired professionals will do a timeline for their portion of involvement with you for the day, but don’t necessarily think or contact other professionals involved to incorporate their involvement into the timeline. It is essential to have all professionals involvement built into the timeline so that the whole flow of the day in visible.

Additionally, not only should the professionals for the wedding/reception be built into the timeline, but also having the entire day for the bride, groom and bridal party built in. Items I typically include is wake-ups, good morning calls, showers, hair and make-up. Make sure to include items like having some time for mimosas, pictures and fun, getting dressed and additional pictures. Also build in travel time and expect the unexpected with travel and build a few extra minutes into your plan.

Don’t forget to include the professionals who may not play an actual role in the wedding and reception, but have preparations on the day of like your baker, decorator for linens and centerpieces, and florist. They will all need time for delivery and set-up.


If you are a DIY bride, make sure you even build the day before the wedding for set-up.This way if you will be doing prep the day before you are not forgetting anything. It’s also good to keep a checklist, just like when you went off to camp. That list will include the items that may need to be transported for your wedding set-up like table numbers, toasting flutes, cake server and favors and possibly many other items.

So again, ask yourself, why do I need a timeline? How can you possibly live without it! Hopefully, you have hired an experienced planner to help with getting this prepared and executed for you. A planner will allow you to relax and enjoy the day while they take care of the details for you.

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