Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Your friends and family tell you it’s easy, but planning the biggest day of your life is both exciting and a lot of work. They all want to help, but will they really come through for you in your time of need (they have a life of their own too, which can sometimes cause undue stress on your personal relationships). Here are a few reasons you want and need a planner.

Reasons to hire a wedding planner:

1 – Assistance with budget and allocation of funds
2 – Assistance with vision board for your ideal wedding day
3 – Identifying potential venues
4 – Identifying, suggesting and making appointments with any needed vendors
5 – Your right hand gal/guy throughout the project to bounce ideas off of, talk through concerns and help save the day
6 – Unbiased opinion and middle-man
7 – Assistance with setting up additional events needed throughout the process including, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and morning after breakfast
8 – Honeymoon planning assistance
9 – Invitation design and RSVP management
10 – Venue design and layout
11 – Point of contact for all vendors throughout the planning process
12 – Timeline creation for the day
13 – Rehearsal Management
14 – Main point of contact on the day of the event, general calming force and organizer – acts as a liaison and there to make everyone else’s job easier through their planning process
15 – Makes sure that event is set-up correctly, received correct number of bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, makes sure all seating at tables for reception is correct, and that all items to be returned to bride are packed and ready to go
16 – Secures all gifts and cards with assistance of the venue and security

Do you really want to task your friends and family with these duties? They should be there to celebrate your day with you! A good planner will help to make your day perfect and stress-free!

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Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee

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