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You’re Engaged

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Congratulations you got engaged over the holidays!

Everyone is ready to help you do everything from setting a date, finding a venue and picking out all the dresses and every little detail. It can be a bit frustrating and overwhelming in the beginning and if you let it control you, it can be overwhelming throughout the entire process.

You’re Engaged – Consider It Done Events can help.

love, romance, holiday, celebration concept - engaged couple with wine glasses in restaurant

love, romance, holiday, celebration concept – engaged couple with wine glasses in restaurant


First things first – begin thinking about a budget and your guest list. You will need to have a good idea of the number of people you will be inviting in order to know how to budget your funds, which will lead you into planning on how close or how far out you will need to set your wedding date.If you determine that you are only having a small, intimate wedding, you may be able to plan a closer date, where if you have a few hundred attendees and know that it will be more formal, you may push the wedding out anywhere from 12 – 24 months.

Once you have determined, how many people you will be roughly inviting, you can start talking with you immediate family to see how and if they will be able to help with any of the event. Parents of the bride will often pay for items like the dress, the reception,   flowers (excluding the brides bouquet), invitations, and possibly vendors including the dj/band, transportation, photographer, and videographer or photobooth. Grooms parents will often pay for the rehearsal and liquor for the wedding, along with the brides bouquet (or could be paid for by groom). There are however, no rules set in stone here, so parents contributions could be very close to above or very different depending on their own personal budget allowances.

Once you have those items in place and have a good idea of your budget that you will have available. It is good to begin thinking about what aspects of the day are most important to you, this will be the most important factors of where you will spend a chunk of your funds. If pictures and food are the most important items that those areas will be where you will allocate the majority of your budget.

An important item to think about is if  a wedding planner/coordinator will be something that you want to add. The benefits of a planner can be numerous. A wedding planner plans weddings and events all the time. They work with a variety of vendors and can help find the best suited vendors for your event based on your budget, style of the wedding and your personality. Additionally, wedding planners also can negotiate additional discounts for you which can often help to  for their services.

The second and even bigger benefit for you to have a planner is that the planner is establishing a relationship and working for you on your behalf. They don’t have an agenda other than what is in your best interest based on the type of event you want. So a planner is there to talk things through regarding items for the wedding like invitations, centerpieces or timeline and will help you to find what will work best for you.

Planners will offer a variety of services from full planning to just day of coordination – find what will work best for you and proceed from there.

After you have established if you will use a planner and how, you can then begin working on your next items like ceremony site, officiant, and reception venue. You will need to book these as far in advance as possible to assure that you are able to secure your perfect date. After you have those items secured you can begin moving to other items like your photographer, dj/band, transportation and videographer.

Make sure you ask good questions, get references and review popular sites to check out all the reviews, both good and bad. Don’t let a bad review necessarily deter you, there may be reasons that a vendor did not receive a good review. If you find something in question, ask the vendor for more details about the incident.

In the end, make sure that you enjoy the process of the engagement, planning and of course the wedding itself.

Again, congratulations on your engagement and have fun!

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Wedding Budgeting 101

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When starting to plan your wedding it can almost feel like you need a college class to get through everything – Wedding Budget 101 we’ll call it. Determining what to spend on your big day can definitely be a big stress to document. You will need to involve all of your key financial contributors to the discussions. This could include your fiance, parents of both, possibly step-parents, guardians, or anyone else who will play a big part in the funding.

Keeping within Your Wedding Budget

Bride With Wedding Planner – Helping to Keep You Within Your Wedding Budget


Here’s some steps to follow as you begin to start your budgeting:

  1. Begin with a guest list, it doesn’t need to be exact, but you should have a relatively rough idea of how many people you will need to invite to the ceremony and reception.
  2. Determine the time of year you want to have your wedding
  3. Find a budget template and determine what services you will need for the day – this will include everything from apparel and hair/make-up, ceremony fees and rentals, reception food and all vendors that you will require for the event.
  4. Once you have determined what services you will need begin discussing with all parties who will be paying for what services for the wedding and if anyone is splitting costs determine the percentage of the service that they are committing to paying for you.
  5. As you determine what services you will need, next determine their priority in your big day — what do you want to focus the majority of your spending on? Is the food and dj most important, or maybe the dress is a big part of what will be a focus for the day. Try to rate your top items of priority so you know where to focus the budget on to make your day special.
    1. I know it will be hard, but try to think of all the incidentals that you will want for the day – things like programs, favors, tips and bridal party gifts. There is typically always something that will be forgotten and then need to be budgeted into the funds.
  6. As you go through the different parties, begin discussing what they are able to contribute to the services and if for any reason the required service would be less or more in price, how they want to deal with that. As an example, if you have budgeted $1,800 for your dj and you find your perfect dj for $1,500, can you allocate the additional $300 that was not used to another area of the wedding. This is a great exercise to go through will all parties.
  7. Once you have this outlined, it is a great idea to have it in a speadsheet, notebook, or whatever what you will be tracking.
  8. Additionally, if you haven’t already done so, make sure to talk through how you will be handling your honeymoon. Are you taking one immediately or waiting for a period after the wedding. How will you fund the trip, are you relying on wedding gifts, are you paying ahead of time or are you thinking of setting up a honeymoon fund that friends and family can go and contribute to along the way. This works great – especially if there are holidays and birthdays coming around and the honeymoon is where you would like friends and family to spend their money for you.

In the end, you will end up making changes along the way to your budget, allocation of funds can change, level of importance can change as you find out more about planning and funding can always change as well.

It is best to be prepared as you can for the planning process. Make sure once you have the budget knocked out to stay very organized with all the details, vendor contracts, payments, and contact information. One slip of misplacing an item can cause complete chaos and stress.

Make sure to keep calm in the planning process, it should be a pleasant experience. There are plenty of professionals out there that can help along the way. They can be some of your best teachers in learning Wedding Budget 101.


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Your Wedding Dress Style

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Have you thought about what your wedding dress style is? There are as many different styles and designers as there are stars in the sky. As you begin planning your big day, I’m sure the one thing you have definitely thought about is your wedding dress style. Almost every little girl has seen the images in magazines, online and on television and dream about what they will wear on their wedding day. Obviously, this can definitely change throughout the years as your grow and your personal style changes.

As with everything about your wedding, everyone and their mother will have an opinion of what you should choose for your style, color, accessories and even undergarments. Please, please, remember, this is your day, about you and your soon-to-be husband, make it what you want and most importantly make sure you feel absolutely beautiful and amazing in the dress.

There are many different styles to choose from and there may be more than one style that will look amazing on you. Below are some of the different styles available:

  • A-Line/Princess – fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground – this will flow from the bust to the ground without a broken line. The Princess, a variation of the A-Line, has vertical seams that will flow from the bust line down to the hem and can provide an elongating effect. This style will be flattering on most body types
  • Empire – this dress will have a raised waistline that will sit just below the bust and allows the rest of the dress to flow down to the hemline. This dress will typically work best with lighter fabrics and works great with a chiffon that is over a base fabric.
  • Column – (sheath) will be a tighter, form fitting dress and is designed to show off your curves. Works great for any type of wedding, based on fabric selection and can go easily from a casual affair, beach wedding, to an elegant formal event as well.
  • Ball Gown – most associated with the fairy tale wedding, this dress will have a fitted bodice with a very full skirt and this type of dress will typically carry a more formal train. This dress can work with a variety of fabrics to provide just the right feel for your event. This gown is great for very slender or those that are pear shaped as it can help to camouflage those areas.
  • Mermaid – this dress will shape the bride and be very fitted from the top of the dress to the knee area and will typically flare out at that point to the hemline. The flaring can start at just above the knee, at the knee or below to provide different silhouettes and shapes. You can also choose differences in how the gown’s shape at the bottom will be defined, including a full round skirt, or a skirt that flares more at the back, behind the bride, often associated as a trumpet. This dress is typically worn best by a slimmer figure and is often associated as one of the sexiest styles for brides.


You should also be aware of your body type, which can help guide you in selecting the perfect style for you, these are listed below:

  • Hour glass – typically hips and shoulders are approximatly the same measurement with a very defined waist. Fitted gowns show off this shape quite well – best shapes include Mermaid, Sheath, A-Line and Ballgowns with very fitted bodices – great with a corseted back.
  • Pear – hips and thighs typically have more presence that the bust line and shoulder areas – great shapes include the Ballgown, A-Line or Empire.
  • Inverted Triangle – typically broad shoulders, a larger bust line and small throughout the hip area – great dress types include A-Line and Ballgown – having a dramatic bust line shape like a sweetheart can help.
  • Apple – typically full figured from the shoulders through hips – a fitted or corset gown can look amazing on this body type and can help to define the waistline and bring attention up to the bust line – flattering gowns include the Ballgown and Empire.
  • Rectangle – athletic or boyish shaped – bust, waist and hips are relatively the same size. Flattering shapes include A-Line, Sheath, and Empire.

Find some dresses on-line or in magazines that you feel will suit your shape, style and personality and be prepared when you go shopping to try on gowns. Be prepared and open to trying on styles that may be a bit outside of your comfort level as well. A bridal gown professional can help to guide you in some great dresses that you may otherwise not give a second look, but can look amazing once off the hanger.

When going shopping, have your budget set and stay within the budget when trying on dresses. Although you may see your perfect match on the mannequin, it may be far outside your budget and trying this on, could just cause severe issues when going back to trying on dresses within the budget. You may never find something that measures up to the dress that you could not afford.

Most importantly, have a lot of fun in this stage of the planning. This should be a magical experience that you remember fondly as you look back at your wedding in years to come. Know your dress style, know your budget and know who the best parties are to tag along with you as you begin the process.



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Booking Vendors for your Event

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When booking vendors for your event, you can be challenged by a great deal of obstacles. If there is one thing that I have learned through my experience in planning is that you get what you pay for. It is difficult for a bride to be able to do all the research to find the needle in the haystack or the hidden diamond in the coal dust.

With so many vendors of all types that are available, how do you find the best vendors for you?

It can take a lot of time, researching professionals online, through wedding shows and of course friend recommendations. There are thousands of dj’s, photographers and photobooths available, so how do you go about picking one out. I have listed below some tips that can help you when beginning to select vendors:

Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee

Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee

  1. If you have not already done your budget for the wedding and allocated funds to every portion of the event — start here. You need to have a good budget in place, and determine what are the most important aspects of where you want to spend you money. You may find that pictures of the event are most important to you, or you may prefer to make sure that your guests enjoy the meal and allocate more funds to that experience.
  2. Next begin doing some research through your sources – friends and family can be a great help if they have recently had their own wedding. They may give you a mix of who is good and who to stay away from based on their experiences. You should also visit some local shows, here you can take time to spend a few minutes with vendors and get to know them up close, without committing to an appointment. If you find a vendor that interests you in a show, I recommend setting up an appointment to talk in a more personal setting where you can get into the details of your event and your expectations. A lot of times, vendors will offer discounts at shows as well. Don’t forget to use the internet, both to research for vendors that may not be participating in shows and to check references on vendors you have already found.
  3. It is typically good to start with between 2 – 4 vendors to interview. Try to make sure before scheduling an appointment that they are within the price range that you have set within your budget. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time, especially yours — you have a lot of vendors to interview and hire.
  4. If you do find someone that you would like to interview that is out of your price range, take a look at your budget and see if you can move funds around. Maybe you have spent less on another provider or item that you have already obtained and can move some of these funds around.
  5. Once you have found the vendor, negotiate the price, contract and terms. Make sure to read over the contract so that there are no surprises. Most vendors will look to protect both you and their business within the contract. But if something appears to be missing, make sure to ask them to add something around whatever your concern is.
  6. Follow-up with your vendors periodically, between the time of signing and the date of the event. Depending on how far out you are from the time your hire to the event, you may be in touch anywhere from 2 – 6 times. Also, make sure that you confirm all details with each provider 2 – 3 weeks prior to the wedding. This gives you a chance to review any last minute changes and details of the event.

Hopefully, this will help you in booking vendors for your event. Additionally, a good wedding planner can help to do a lot of this for you, which will allow you to breathe a little easier and enjoy the whole planning process.

Any questions, give us a call at Consider It Done Events. Happy Planning!

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Making It Your Own

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Making it your own. That’s what every bride wants for their wedding day. It can sometimes seem like an impossible feat to accomplish.

You get engaged, you start announcing the news and suddenly everyone has an opinion for you on when you should get married, where you should marry at, what kind of dress you should wear, the type of food you should serve at your reception and all those things to avoid. Don’t forget you’ll get all those opinions on how well these things worked at their wedding as well. Obviously, everyone who has ever married, is suddenly the best wedding planner in the world, whether it is at saving money, doing it with bling, or making it the fanciest.

It can sometimes get very hard to take in every piece of advice that everyone has to offer. A great way to handle some of these is to let them know that you and your fiance will take it under consideration or to even ask them to jot down or email some of their ideas to you. These ideas seem great as they are spewing them off at you, but most people don’t want to take the time to write them down or even email.

It’s very important to work with your fiance and find your budget, and then begin finding those aspects that are the most important and where you want to allocate the majority of your funds. During this process it is important to have a very clear idea on how many guests you will have at the event, as without having a good idea on this number, it can really throw your budget completely out of whack.


Additionally, begin planning on those important aspects as far as timing to secure the vendors that will be needed so that you can allocate your budget appropriately. For those items that won’t require a vendor, begin looking and planning on where you will need to get those items from and how you soon you will need them.

This really comes into play for the DIY bride who wants to make some of the items for the big day like centerpieces, signs, and photobooth items. There are so many items today that a bride can DIY not only to help save funds, but also for creating a unique feel for the event. Pinterest can be your friend in getting some ideas for these items. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go with what feels right to you. Hopefully there are a few people that you can really count on to bounce your ideas off of and share with them your prototypes as you begin putting them together.

In the end, use your ideas and creativity to make the pieces for your event uniquely you and your fiances. Keep everything cohesive to flow together for a very put together feel for the event.

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Designing Your Wedding Day

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When it comes to designing your wedding day, there is a lot of planning involved. In the beginning, you start by having all the memories of what you’ve liked from every wedding you’ve previously been to, a collection of Bridal books with beautiful pictures and ideas and of course, Pinterest.

As you start planning your event with your beloved, you discuss and select a theme, if you will, that you will focus your event details on. This could be something as simple as a classic black tie affair, a color scheme or something that you really like and want to emulate like “bling on everything” or country chic. Whatever that path that you choose to follow, there will be hundreds of selections to make from there.

The theme you have chosen will effect everything from the type of dress that you choose, your invitations and every detail of your reception. The details of the type of event that you have selected will define your day, so it is important to make these details unique to the two of you and your personalities. Although this is the biggest party you will most likely throw until your children get married, you want to make sure that your guests don’t leave saying that wasn’t really like Mike and Melissa at all.

You’ll have lots of friends and family to help with all the details, whether you are a DIY bride or looking to buy or hire vendors to do everything for you. Work with those parties to provide your input into the details and get their feedback as well.

Keep a log of what you’ve accomplished, what you have left to do and any assignments that you have given out to any of your bridal party or parents to complete for you along with a date they are to have it completed. Make sure that you are assigning the most important tasks to those that you feel are the most responsible and will get the task completed for you. Follow-up with individuals half way through the time they’ve been assigned to see how they’re doing and if they have encountered any problems or need to make any adjustments.

A few weeks before the event, go through every details, plan a schedule, sort everything out that needs to go to the locations that the bridal party will be staying/getting ready, the ceremony site, and the reception site. If you do not have a wedding planner, make sure that you have a party assigned to make sure that all vendors arrive and get set-up, and that can also deliver vendor payments and take care of any issues that may arise along the way.

The most important thing to remember is that the day is yours and it is important to enjoy the day no matter if everything goes perfect and exactly as plan or whether there is a glitch along the way! Enjoy your day and enjoy designing your wedding day!

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Let’s Plan your Holiday Party!

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The holidays are coming, let’s plan your holiday party together. With the schools back in session, the holidays will all be here before you know it. Let’s plan your parties together! No event is too big or too small, we can help you plan them all.

Happy group people in santa hat at Xmas business party.

Happy group people in santa hat at Xmas business party.

Whether you are looking for a small open house for your friends and family at home, a group get together with some appetizers and cocktails or a large corporate party. Contact us at Consider It Done Events to help you get a great event together to keep everyone entertained, well fed and make you look like the party planning guru.

We love to make you look like you’ve done it with style and ease!

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your budget and ideas and then we will go to work to provide some ideas for your event.

Mention this post for 10% off your event.

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Win a Wedding Planner for your Halloween/Masquerade Wedding

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Congratulations to our winner of the contest Heather and Wills that will be married on Saturday, October 31st in Cortland, OH.


How would you like to win a wedding planner for your Halloween/Masquerade Wedding? I am giving away my services to hopefully one lucky bride. I am looking for a specific wedding that I can provide my services for a day of coordination at NO CHARGE!!! That’s right I said NO CHARGE!!! I am looking for a Halloween/Masquerade wedding to add to my collection of weddings completed. An actual wedding on Saturday, October 31st is a plus!

Vestal.Veiled virgin, spirituality concept. woman with mask posing in studio.

Vestal.Veiled virgin, spirituality concept. woman with mask posing in studio.

halloween orange wedding bouquet

Your mission if you accept, is to like and share this post and my page (also listed on my Facebook page) events

and provide my information to anyone you know who as an upcoming October wedding – again, Halloween/Masquerade themed within the Northeast Ohio area.

Looking to have all nominations by Friday, September 18th and decision will be made an announced on September 21st. I would ask that anyone interested please email me at with details of the upcoming event and how I can help!

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An Evening with an Event Planner

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To The Moon and Back_4-20-15Join Consider It Done Events at Painting with a Twist in Avon for your chance to network with other brides, paint your own Picasso and ask your questions to an Event Planner.

Snacks and soft drinks will be provided, but feel free to bring a bottle of wine to sip on while you paint. We will also be giving door prizes.

Registration is only $35 and covers the cost of the painting. Feel free to bring your wedding party and friends to the event. Use the link below to register:

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Planning Your Wedding – The Groom’s Involvement

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When planning your wedding, so many brides take control of their wedding planning with the mom, bridesmaids and friends that the groom’s involvement becomes very minimal. Many times the brides says the groom is too busy, or she thinks that he is simply not interested in helping to plan all the details of their wedding. But the groom is definitely interested in helping in planning the wedding — or at least parts of it.

Many times the groom sits on the side, waiting, hoping that you will ask for his opinion or help. A groom wants to feel like the wedding portrays his tastes and personality as well and not just feel like he is showing up. The groom sits and waits, thinking, I wanna talk about me. The groom’s involvement is necessary, maybe not in all ways like your dress or favors. But it is important to talk with him and ask if there are certain parts of the wedding that he is interested in actively participating and planning. You may find out he is interested in securing the dj or limo, or maybe he would like to help choose the wedding colors or venue.

It is important as you start thinking about your life together, to start planning your life together! That begins with the wedding, let him help, ask his opinions and share your experiences together. It will definitely help make the day more special for your both, when you both see the beautiful results of your planning together.

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