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Conference Room – Corporate Event

Meetings, Trainings, Workshops & Shows and Fundraisers

What type of Event do you need?


Looking to schedule and host your corporate events in Cleveland, Ohio? Tell us what you need, we are here to support you and make your event a success! Looking to schedule and plan a staff meeting, training or workshop for your employees, what about a dinner or company awards, trade-show or even a fundraiser? We can help with the organization of the event and keep you on a smooth timeline and make you look like a pro. We begin with a consultation to discuss your unique needs for the event. Your planner will work with you to find the venue, vendors, set schedules, and work with you on marketing the event with your marketing staff or hired marketing agency.

So what’s your upcoming corporate event?

Staff Meeting – Large or Small

We can help with the agenda and space for the meeting, arrange any food for meals needed, schedule for any necessary audio/visual needs, get the agenda set and prepare any necessary handouts for your meeting.

Training and Workshops

Let us help to get you ready to go for training day! We can set-up the venue and arrange the room in a learning friendly environment. Let’s get everyone energized ready to train with a great breakfast to make sure they have the energy needed to learn all the information that has been prepared for them. Keep the sessions on track with the perfect agenda and keeping things lively through team events, breakout sessions and interesting break snacks and refreshments. Continuing on with some great speakers throughout the day and make sure for learning checks to ensure that everyone is absorbing the information provided. We’ll recharge with a great planned out lunch to keep everyone on-track throughout the afternoon.

Let’s talk Trade Shows

We’ll help to identify the perfect venue for your show, work with vendors for stage set-ups and audio visual needs. We will help to get the event flow set-up with positioning for your exhibitors and will work with your crew to ensure that we get the correct literature ready and the perfect promotional items ready to go for the big day.

Having areas for breakout sessions (if needed) is important to have the correct flow and allow everyone to flow quickly from area to area, allowing each visitor to get the most from the event.

Dinners and Awards

As a business owner, you obviously know how important it is to keep your employees inspired and energized about the great work they do for you. Consider It Done Events can help to set-up your award banquets with a unique and friendly entrance to the evening, we’ll work with you to set-up and execute a great appetizer and cocktail hour. We can then continue with a great dinner and make sure that your employees feel like kings and queens at your event.

Continuing after dinner with a great audio/visual set-up to allow your key executives to acknowledge your employees during a delectable dessert.

Like what you see above?

Schedule a consultation to discuss your upcoming corporate events and get the relief of being able to CONSIDER IT DONE!